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Chardonnay 3 Ways

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Take a tour of Chardonnay which we've made in 3 different ways and learn about the versatility of this grape.  Our Sparkling Blanc de Blanc has bubbles, our Chardonnay has been aged primarily in stainless steel and our Chardonnay Reserve has been aged in a majority French oak. . . . .enjoy!

Sparkling Blanc de Blanc 2022 - This 2022 vintage turns any occasion into a celebration. It’s made like champagne, offering lush aromas that are layered with creamy flavors of Asian pear, honeydew melon, coconut, and hibiscus. The finish is lean and lively, with equal parts acidity and dryness. The driest of our three Chardonnays, this finely bubbled beauty will dress up your charcuterie board, or brighten up seafood.

Nose:  pineapple, Honeycrisp apple, brioche, honeysuckle

Palate:  Asian pear, honeydew melon, coconut, hibiscus

Finish:  light plus body and dryness

Blend:  100% Chardonnay


Chardonnay 2021 - Easy, balanced, and extremely food versatile.   It shows aromas of hyacinth and orange blossom, with subtle hints of golden apple, lavender, and jasmine.  It finishes with a light acidity that livens things up. This is another Chardonnay that is always dependable and will stay at the top of our favorites list! 

Nose:  hyacinth, orange blossom, Asian pear, straw

Palate:  pineapple, lavender, jasmine, golden apple

Finish:  light acidity, lean body

Blend:  100% Chardonnay


Chardonnay Reserve 2022 - Lives up to the label, with complex aromas, and a fruitiness balanced with hints of poached pear and light oak. Balance here is key, and this one hits it.

Nose:  nutmeg, ginger, golden raisin, beeswax, honeysuckle

Palate:  poached pear, brioche, caramelized leeks, cantaloupe, yellow apple

Finish: light oak, high acid, medium body, light dryness

Blend:  100% Chardonnay


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