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The Chardonnay Duo

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Enjoy Chardonnay, made in two different styles, still and sparkling.  Our Sparkling Blanc de Blanc 2020 is made like champagne, offering zesty aromas layered with creamy and citrus flavors of honeydew, pear and lemon meringue. The finish is lean and zesty, with equal parts acidity and dryness.  These fine bubbles will dress up your charcuterie board or brighten up your seafood. Our still Chardonnay 2020 is smooth, balanced, and confident--the ideal dinner partner. She’s hard to beat, with aromas of lavender and thyme, and subtle hints of honeydew.  A light acidity adds to liven things up, should the conversation drag. No wonder this wine stays high up on our favorites list -- always dependable, well-dressed, and well-mannered, she’s simply a lot of fun to have around.


Sparkling Blanc de Blanc 2020:  98.6% Chardonnay, 1.4% Roussanne, 0.1% Petit Manseng

Chardonnay 2020:  98.8% Chardonnay, 1.2% Viognier


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