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Fall Pours

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Whether relaxing at the end of a long day or finding the right wine to pair with fall or holiday meals, we’ve packaged a trio that lets you choose the perfect bottle - you’ll always have a favorite on hand!   

Chardonnay Reserve 2021 - Our Reserve Chardonnay is just that -- the best of the best, reserved just for you. Made from only the highest quality of the Chardonnay grapes we grow, and with inspiration from Burgundy winemaking techniques, this beauty is then aged 10 months in oak (33% of that in French oak, if you’re curious). All to say, our Reserve Chardonnay lives up to the label, with complex aromas, and a fruitiness balanced with hints of pear and light oak. Balance here is key, and this one hits it. 

Cabernet Franc 2020  -  Cabernet Franc is considered a signature grape of our wine growing region, and we celebrate it as such. This 2020 vintage is one of our most versatile wines, highlighting the varietals’ specific aromatics while bringing out the subtle textures that reside in the grape’s skin.  Here you’ll find notes of sour cherry and pomegranate with hints of raspberry, blackberry and roasted pepper on the palate, and a finish that has a pleasant acidity. We recommend enjoying glasses by the fire or backyard grill or with family around the table.

Wild Common 2019 - Our Wild Common shares its name with our sister property and celebrated restaurant in Charleston, SC. The 2019 vintage is made up of 83.4% Merlot, 8.3% Tannat, 8.3% Cabernet Sauvignon.  It’s aged 20 months in 50% neutral oak, 8.3% new French oak, 41.7% 1 year old oak and lives up to the high standards set by our previous award-winning vintages. The intense nose features rhubarb and rosemary, with subtle hints of fruit and spice, underscored by raisin, black currant and black olive on the palate. Medium plus tannins and medium acid make a lively finish, just like the conversation you’re enjoying across the table.

Enjoy this trio!!


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