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A Study of Rosé

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We’d like to share our love of Rosé and invite you to drink, enjoy and learn with this trio.   It includes one of each of our 3 very different styles, each with its own compelling story of the land and of the varietals they are made from.  The grapes for our Rosés come from a wide range of vineyard sites and each vintage has its own story to tell.  Through attentive farming and hands off winemaking we achieve refreshing, transparent, fully flavored wines with moderate alcohol levels that are fun and interesting to drink.  Our still Rosé 2020 is a blend that is done in a French Provence style.  The body of this wine is fruity, light and quaffable.  The pallet is neutral; neither sweet nor dry as the goal is to be a drinkable wine that can pair with food, but not need to be food centric.  Our Sparkling Rosé 2019 is a separate blend, typically with a slight amount of white wine added.  The carbonation technique not only adds an effervescence, but also a dryness stronger than the other wines.  This makes it a wine paired best with saltier foods.  Our newest of the three, the Reserve Rosé 2020, is a varietal wine as opposed to a blend, like we typically do.  It has a more substantial body and an added tartness and acidity compared with other two. This makes its flavor profile distinctively different but also makes it an excellent food wine.  Join us in our admiration of the versatility of Rosé, as these are, without question, our go to summer wines.  


Rose 2020: 40.6% Cab Sauv, 20.4% Merlot, 9.8% Zweigelt, 9.7% Pinot Noir, 7.1% Cab Franc, 12.5% Field pick

Sparkling Rose 2019:  50.8% Cab Franc, 46.4% Merlot, 7.2% Chambourcin, 0.1% Sauv Blanc

Reserve Rose 2020:  100% Malbec


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