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White Wine Trio

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Enjoy these summer favorites chilled and always ready as your go-to wines!

Sauvignon Blanc 2021 - Virginia Governor's Cup 2023 - Gold Medal Winner 

                                         2023 Monticello Cup - Silver Medal Winner

Made from grapes grown at Pippin Hill and the best vineyard sites in the area this wine is a beautiful expression of what local terroir can produce. Our lovely climate means acidity remains high on these grapes, making it one of our best food wines, pairing particularly well with herb-driven sauces served over chicken, tofu, or fish dishes. With its distinctive, vivid aromas of chamomile and kiwi and bright hints of citrus and gooseberry on the tongue, it has a balanced, clean finish and a zesty acidity that makes this Sauvignon Blanc one of our best. 

Nose:  chamomile, lime zest, passionfruit, kiwi

Palate: grapefruit, lime, gooseberry, limestone, white pepper

Finish:  medium plus acidity, light body, thin finish

Varietals:  95.3% Sauvignon Blanc, 4.7% Chardonnay

Food Pairing:  Goat and herb cheeses. Green vegetables like brussel sprouts, asparagus, cucumbers and broccoli. Chicken, fish or tofu served with herb-driven sauces. Seafood or shellfish. Thai and Vietnamese dishes.

Zero White 2021

We wouldn’t name just any wine after our premier boutique hotel, Zero George. Our Zero White represents that hint of surprise and indulgence that we create with the hotel experience, all wrapped within the breezy floral (and unforgettable) character of Charleston, South Carolina. This wine is fruity and complex with a clean, acidic finish--the perfect blend of rich yet lively and highly drinkable, which makes it a go-to for the beach, garden parties or your table, no matter the occasion.

Nose:  lemon verbena, gooseberry, passionfruit, orange blossom

Palate: pineapple, white peach, wet limestone, apricot

Finish:  lean body (light), medium acidity, short finish

Blend:  50% Vidal Blanc, 25% Traminette, 14% Viognier, 10.8% Petit Manseng, .2% Riesling

Food Pairing:  Goat cheese, oysters, light fish, poultry, spicy foods.

Viognier 2021

The Viognier grape was almost extinct in the 1960's, with only 35 acres growing in France, but Virginia has played a role in its dynamic comeback. While the color and aroma may suggest a sweet wine, Viogniers are predominantly dry and are known for producing heavy aromatics with low acidity. Our 2021 vintage is fruit forward with a creamy feel and light acidity, making it delightful to sip or pair with food.

Nose:  honeysuckle, jasmine, chamomile, fig 

Palate:  lemon zest, cantaloupe, green guava, white peppercorn

Finish:  light minerality, light acid

Varietals:  94% Viognier, 6% Petit Manseng

Food Pairing:  Fresh chèvre, gruyère, aged gouda, and double and triple creams, creamy poultry dishes, meater fish, mildly spicy dishes.


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